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Kratom Experiences of People

As the popularity of Kratom increases around the world more and more people start using it regularly getting more experience and sharing it in forums and blogs for other people to read and use during their own kratom usage. Most of the people use non-enhanced strains and by doing so the effects depend on the dosage of kratom intake. Low doses often cause stimulation and higher doses sedation.

One of the many people who shared their kratom experience online prepared a dosage of kratom that should have caused a moderate experience. It lasted for about four hours starting with euphoria that kept on increasing with time that is typical of opiates. It was followed by feeling warm, then hot and sweating. Then nausea followed that made it difficult to walk around and because of that laying was preferred. During laying different in and out of sleep dreams occurred that were very vivid. With time they started getting less and less until they went away together with the nausea. The euphoria lasted for a bit longer until the fourth hour was over. This person’s experience includes both the good and bad effects of kratom. The kratom experience was more intense which shows a higher than the intended dosage and this caused the sweating and nausea. Apart from that euphoria is a typical effect of kratom.

Other peoples’ kratom experiences are similar to this one. The experience includes a pleasant kratom buzz that causes euphoria during most of the day including drowsiness that is not overwhelming. There is no hangover when using regular strains. Sometimes with Green Malay and enhanced strains there can be headache for a while after the effects are over. Most of the cases it wears off gradually leaving a good feeling of the buzz that the person has just experienced.

If you have been consuming kratom for several days in a row you will find out that your tolerance has increased and a higher dosage is needed for the desired effects. A person shared that at such a state even 10 grams of potent kratom were not good enough to cause the normal effect for people with less tolerance.

Usually, all of the strains kick in fast – around 30-45 minutes of intake and the duration is around three to four hours. The different strains can also have different duration depending on the individual’s organism. Metabolism is really important together with the food taken prior to the krotam, as well as the size of the body.

In case of overdosing effects apart from nausea and sweating can be also body itching, dizziness and drowsiness, blurred vision, thirst and dry mouth, slower than usual heart rate, trembling and more. It is described as a really unpleasant and frightening feeling and trying to distract yourself from it might help. Once it wears off in this case usually sleeping all day is to be expected.

Using the right dose and strain is really important for the overall experience.




You can purchase Thai Red Vein powders, crushed leaves or capsules online from a number of different retailers. In most cases, Thai Kratom is slightly more expensive than those products sold under the Bali name, but the difference only amounts to a couple of dollars per ounce. Bulk powder will cost you as little as $18 per ounce. Whenever purchasing Kratom online, always read reviews from other users who have purchased the same strain as you. This is the best way to determine whether you are getting a real product that lives up to its name.

The recommended dosage for Red Vein Thai Kratom is anywhere between 2 to 8 grams per day. At the lower end of this dosing spectrum, Kratom can increase your levels of mental energy, motivation, drive and alertness. In this respect, Red Thai can be compared loosely to coffee, although the energy that Kratom provides is said to be longer lasting and smoother than caffeine. This stimulation can give you better stamina when taking on demanding work, but in rare cases users find that it can lead to restlessness and anxiety. If you experience these negative effects, try switching to a smaller dose or mixing up different strains. For the most part, Thai Kratom is described as having a calming effect and it can actually take the edge off from more stimulating strains such as Green Thai.

If you are taking Kratom to help you overcome anxiety, depression, stress or other mood disorders, a dosage of between 4 – 8 grams will give you the best results. At this dosage level, Thai Red Vein is more sedating and contributes to a sense of comfort and tranquility. Around 4 grams, Red Thai is said to be highly uplifting and may be perceived as causing euphoric feelings. When taking 8 grams or more of Red Vein Thai Kratom, it becomes a potent pain reliever, binding directly to opiate receptors in the brain. These larger doses should ideally be used only for a short period of time and you should cycle between different strains to keep your body constantly adjusting. Give Thai Red Vein a try if you want to improve your mood and get to sleep easier with a safe and inexpensive Kratom strain.